Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Where Do I Begin?

To limit expectations I will randomly shuffle between ordinary and introspective things; expect little from me and you will never be disappointed. Plain banality will fill the space between.

Digital photography changed my life, to some small degree. I had owned cameras before, and even done some dark room work, but it was always too much trouble – not enough great photos for the time and effort it took. Digital cameras were different – small size, instant gratification and the opportunity for improvement (just take another…), no material dross (paper photos), and easy integration into electronic media. The camera actually helped me travel – it was easy to hang out in small Chinese villages when in my palm I had photos of the whole world to show. So some of these photos are from this time – China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Lao, and Nepal were all special places for me – I
tried not to visit but to live there for a short time. Localize. Other photos (and they are an important part of the blog – without the pictures the blog would not be worth it) will be from the Western part of the U.S. or from future travels; no plans right now, but travel is one of the things that I do, so it will happen.

Comments on these blog postings? I don’t really encourage them for and so I may not read or respond to them – emailing me, to engage in the lively art of conversation, is a better idea. Anything too easily accomplished is usually not worth having.

Photos: I have not written the travelogue on Bali yet (2 months there - as long as they would let me stay) and this new blog format (code hacked to make more space) may get me going on it. Durians and rambutans for sale in the hills above Lovina, and a bawdy monkey image from Ubud.


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