Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Blog?

I spent a day exploring "to blog or not to blog" and came up with "why not?" - I just have to find a style that works for me, and not waste too much time worrying about satisfying the needs of people who aren't even reading it. It seems like blogging is just one more way for people to express their creativity, and it fits into a life already spent in front of a computer. Maybe having a blog is just another requirement of modern society - like email, a cell phone, a car, etc. - and who knows where it all will lead as we evolve toward more technology?

Many blogs seem to be diary-like things and I don't think anyone is interested in my personal minutia so I will refrain from this style (what has changed in society and culture so that we are willing to do this now, at this point in time?), others are an outlet for humorous ramblings (strictly entertainment), some offer commentary and insight (scholarly?) in a world already overloaded with information, and some are more photo oriented - maybe mine will be like this, since I have photos to share and as yet no acceptable way to do it. Maybe it will be hard to blog travelogues - just have to see and learn. And the question still remains "who will read these words?".

Photo: Zi Wei ("purple flower") on the train ride between Huang Shan and Nanjing. She taught me the nuances of Chinese tones ("Dway BO chee!") and couldn't comprehend why I was unable to read Chinese.


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